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Protect Your Money and Personal Information

First Bank Elk River helps you protect your money and personal information.

From our innovative digital banking tools to debit card monitoring, plus our knowledgeable customer service staff, First Bank Elk River is ready to help you feel financially safe and secure.  
  • DIGITAL BANKING.  Use online and mobile banking for real time transaction review, including check images.  
  • BILL PAY.  Pay bills using First Bank Elk River's secure online bill pay.
  • E-STATEMENTS.  Receive statements online instead of in your mailbox. 
  • POSITIVE PAY.  Positive Pay service is offered for business accounts to help combat check fraud.
  • 24/7 FRAUD MONITORING.  Receive a notification from our Fraud Center when there are suspicious or out of pattern debit card transaction attempts.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE.  Experienced bankers ready to answer your questions and help prevent scams.
We take protecting your private information very seriously at First Bank Elk River.  Below are guides from the Federal Trade Commission on data breaches and identity theft that may help you work though a compromise of your private information.

Site for reporting identity theft to the Federal Trade Commission:
Stay up to date on common scams to help protect yourself and your loved ones. 

Visit the site below for more information from the Federal Trade Commission on how to avoid a scam:  

1.  Never provide your online login information to anyone else.  When someone has your login credentials, they gain complete control of your account.  

2.  Keep a sharp eye out for phishing attempts or other social engineering tactics - make sure that people and websites you're trusting with your information are who they say they are.  

3.  Make passwords and PINs difficult to guess with multiple types of characters. Use uppercase, lowercase, numeric and special characters.  

4.  Monitor your accounts regularly.  Use online banking!  

Federal regulations protect consumers from some losses for some electronic funds transfers conducted fraudulently by third parties.  Typically, these rules apply to accounts with Internet access and limit a consumer's liability for unauthorized electronic transfers.  These regulations provide specific steps a consumer will need to take to be protected.  Assisting with investigation in a timely manner is important for limiting liability.  

Please notify First Bank Elk River immediately if you think your account or account access is being used by someone else.