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Personal Cards

Easy ways to make payments and purchases

It's often said that having a debit or credit card is as good as carrying cash or writing checks. In truth, in some ways these cards may be even better. They're accepted online as well as at millions of locations worldwide. They have state-of-the-art security features to protect your finances. And should you need to get your hands on some cash, they can help you do that as well.

Mastercard Debit Card

This may be the most versatile financial tool in your wallet. Buy items at your favorite store. Tap into your First Bank Elk River accounts at a convenient ATM. And much more.
  • Free with all First Bank Elk River checking accounts
  • Link your card to your smartphone for one-tap Digital Wallet purchases at many retailers and restaurants
  • Purchases automatically deducted from checking account - meaning that you'll never pay interest on transactions
  • Each transaction is listed on your Online Banking page and monthly account statement for easy record-keeping
  • Quickly and easily replaced if lost or stolen

Report lost or stolen cards
  • If your debit card goes missing, please contact Customer Connection at 763-241-3637 during regular business hours
  • If you need to report a lost or stolen card after regular business hours, please call 1-888-297-3416 (within the U.S.) and 206-389-5200 (outside the U.S.)

Debit card management

Activate your First Bank Elk River debit card
  • Make a purchase using the PIN
  • Use at any ATM with the PIN
  • Or in Online Banking, look for the activate option under Card Management
Change your PIN
  • Use a First Bank Elk River ATM at one of our four locations
  • For help changing your PIN, contact Customer Connection at 763-241-3637 during regular business hours

Personal Credit Cards

Your financial needs may not be the same as those of your friends and neighbors. That's why our partners at Elan offer a variety of Visa credit cards that feature everything from extra low rates and cash back to enticing rewards and credit-building potential. Visa credit cards also feature:
  • Purchasing power online and at millions of locations worldwide
  • 24/7 anti-fraud and anti-ID theft protection
  • Zero Liability policy means you're not responsible for unauthorized purchases
  • Extended warranties on purchases made with your card
  • Perks such as travel insurance, roadside assistance, credit score help and more
  • Link your Visa credit card to your smartphone for one-tap Digital Wallet payments at retailers, restaurants and elsewhere
Ready to choose a Visa credit card? We're happy to provide you with detailed information.